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After Border Surge, No Deportations

Immigration: The Obama administration has quietly released 37,477 illegal immigrant minors into the U.S. and deported a mere 280. So much for its warning to border jumpers that if they came here illegally, they’d be deported.

IBD: Sep 2, 2014; Section: Issues & Insights; Page: A18

Much of the debate on the unprecedented border surge from Central America over the summer has been over whether the Obama administration’s lax immigration policies have encouraged illegal immigration or if the crisis is a crime wave driving some 90,000 unaccompanied minors north through the U.S.’ unguarded Texas border.

The answer couldn’t be clearer than in the latest reporting from the Washington Examiner, which noted Friday that 37,477 illegal immigrant minors in the first six months of 2014 have been released into the U.S., while just 280 have been deported.

The news of illegals being released into society gives potential new border surgers the message that the border is open and anyone who is caught entering by the Border Patrol will be permitted to stay.

The data can only assure them — and the cartel smuggling groups whispering to potential illegals that they’ll get “permisos” — that the president’s word is worthless.

Actions speak louder than words. With the odds of being released into the U.S. at 99.3% and the odds of being deported at 0.7%, there’s a clear incentive to try one’s luck.

Combined with the Obama administration’s other policies — including his halt in deportations, his reinstatement of “catch-and-release” for illegals, his family reunion incentive that prohibits illegal parents from being deported and his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an executive version of the congressionally failed Dream Act — the word is out.

It’s virtually impossible for an illegal to be sent back.
And that should be concerning, given that 80% of the illegal minors being released into society are males over the age of 14 who are of prime gang recruiting age.

A trip to the U.S. embassies of Honduras and El Salvador’s websites shows that some $300 million is being spent on youth centers devoted to teaching the violenceprone to quit being violent. Those centers were set up for returning illegals and would-be illegals as a means of reacting to the border surge. That this is our response shows there’s simply no way that the 99.3% being released into the U.S. are likely to be nonviolent.

Illegals know this, and the U.S. voters know this too, even as the president attempts to kowtow to the openborders lobby, which demands amnesty for illegals in exchange for Democrat votes. The president has been pressured with demands for “a 5 million floor” for legalization by the National Council of La Raza, according to one report.

But the reality is that the vast majority of the American public does not want an uncontrolled border with a surge of indigents who bring no skills or will to assimilate. To get by, they will require huge amounts of public spending and welfare and will vote accordingly.

Members of Congress, particularly those in hotly contested states for the upcoming midterms, have been hit by a wave of public anger over the president’s unwillingness to enforce the border at town hall meetings.

It isn’t just Republicans, some 80% of whom oppose the border surge, who are angry. It’s also opposed by a majority of black Americans. Even Hispanic-Americans, according to a recent Gallup poll, want border security first before any path to citizenship is discussed.

Phony warnings about deporting illegals won’t make them go away. But it may energize angry voters.