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News and Information of Interest

Obamacare causes trimmed work hours New!
Japanese Railroad to Bid for Calif High Speed Rail
No Deportations after Border Surge

How Cities Are Solving Their Pension Problems

FedEx Drivers are Not Independent Contractors

Truck Drivers Harder to Hire

Hollywood Flees California at Alarming Rate

New Home Sales Lack First Time Buyers

The Cookies You Can't Crumble

Uber Expands from Cars to Parcels

Fedex and UPS Adapt Dimensional Pricing

Unlikely Allies Plot Amnesty

What the Media Won't Tell You

Obamacare Significant Falling Enrollment

States Required to Educate Illegal Children

GAO Discloses Potentially Massive Obamacare Fraud

The Revulsion and Reality of Corporate Tax Inversion

Coca-Cola Closes Mexican Plant Due to Attack

California Labor Report 6/2014

The Fart Car

Detroit Wants to Destroy One Quarter of Housing
Controversy over New Mexico National Park
Gay Paree Bids Dollar Adieu NEW!
Barak Staying Informed

Appetite foe US Dollars Already in Decline
Understanding ASEAN
How Dishonest Are Jobseekers?
Seven Things You May Not Know About Coal
Companies Under-estimate Pension Defined Benefit Pension Benefits
Banks Not Offering Card Protection to Small Businesses
Solvent Fumes Can Impair Cognitive Ability Long After Retirement
US overtakes France as world's biggest wine market
Perspectives on the New Strategic Landscape
GE's LEAP Engines Are Remarkable
Welcome Our New Chinese Overlords
Why are Baby Boomers Working Longer?
The Latest Bubble: Mortgage Refinancing
China Gold Vortexn
The Bailout Balloon is about to Pop
Obama Has Propossed 442 New Tax Increases
Deportations Down Again

US Defense Policy in the Wake of the Ukranian Affair
Beware Bogus IRS Emails
Stop The Trainwreck

Obamacare Latest Outrage
VOIP Primer
Obamacare 20 New Tax Hikes
Iran Managing US Syrian Action
Obama's Tightwire Act
Putin's Bluff
Title II Jobs Act
Small Business Statistics

Job Security Never Better
Economy Not as Strong as Told
The Future of Entrepeneurship
Tax Code Reaches 100 Years Old
IRS Adjusts 2014 Tax Benefits for Inflation

7 Risk Management Sins Committed by CEOs
Hold Off on the Pink Slips
Social Media Records Retention Considerations
The Value of Pin Pointing Top Revenue Customers
The History of Social Security
Unusual Saudi- Israeli Deal Explained

Jerusalem,Riyadh Stunned by Iran Deal
U.S Releases 8 Billion in Frozen Assets to Iran
The Future of OPEC
Insurers in Obama Crosshairs
HUD Targets Zoning in Suburbs as Racist
Panama Canal Plan Puts Eastern Ports On The Map For ’15
Forecast 2014 for Volatile Southeast Asia
55 Tax Breaks Expired December 31st
NY Times Benghazi Report finds no Al-Queda Ties
Techies Reaction to SOTU Speech
POLITICO Take on State of the Union Speech
The State of the Economy Since the Recession
Mexico Legalizing Vigilantes to Help Fight Drug Cartels
$1 Trillion and Rising
Gov't Lets Banks do Business with Marajuana Dealers
Obama Ambassador Nominees Provoke Uproar over Gaffes
Saudi's May Go Nuclear Because of Obama Iran Deal
D.C Needy Swindeled of Medicaid and Food Stamps
Americans Unqualified and Unwilling for Low Skilled Jobs
Healthcare Provider Changes Coming
Amnesty Looms as Fiscal Disaster
Migrant Backlash Surges in Europe