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Importance of Cover Letters

Career Corner: A Monthly Executive Search Firm News Article Series.

September 1st, 2009

While most of us spend hours working hard on creating the perfect resume, there is another document that is just as, if not more, important for professionals. This document is the cover letter.

 A cover letter serves as the first impression of you to a potential employer. Essentially it is a sales letter. It sells your resume which therefore sells you. A common mistake made by those searching for a job is either neglecting a cover letter with their resume or writing a poor cover letter.

 If you are asked to submit a cover letter with your resume you can expect that your resume will only be read if your cover letter impresses the reader. Imagine potential employers as someone who is in the market for a new house. Your cover letter represents the entire front yard of the house. Needless to say, if the landscaping is in shambles or shingles are falling from the roof there is little chance that the buyer will desire to take a further look inside the house. The same goes for your cover letter. If there are spelling and grammatical mistakes or if your letter fails to strike the reader’s interest, it is unlikely that any prospective employer will care to take a closer look.

In order to achieve the first impression you are looking for, be certain that you are putting the time and effort into writing a cover letter that not only draws the reader’s attention to your resume but that also accurately portrays you. The objective of your cover letter is not only to provide an introduction of yourself but also to provide reason for the reader to continue learning more about you. Listed below are a few important tips to help you get started: