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Ferguson Cop Railroaded by Bias

Racial Politics: Under the Constitution, police have the same rights to due process as citizens. Yet Democratic politicians pandering for urban votes seek to deny Warren Wilson his.

IBD: Aug 21, 2014; Section: Issues & Insights

On Tuesday night, on the eve of a grand jury hearing over the Wilson-Michael Brown shooting case, Missouri’s Democratic governor, who reportedly has 2016 White House aspirations, delivered a grossly irresponsible address calling for a “vigorous prosecution” of the Ferguson cop, whom he gratuitously noted shot Brown “in broad daylight.”

Gov. Jay Nixon also demanded “justice for Michael Brown” and his family, echoing the calls of the looters, protesters and race merchants.

He did not ask for a “vigorous” investigation or “justice” based on the facts. No, he’s already rendered a verdict — guilty — further endangering the life of Wilson, who’s already received death threats.

“We’re very concerned about the due process rights of Darren,” Missouri police union President Sgt. Kevin Ahlbrand said, slamming the governor for “rushing to judgment.” “You’d think he’d wait before all the facts are in before making his conclusion.”

Indeed, one would expect the state’s chief executive to be more judicious than the activist liberal press, which has already tried and convicted Wilson. But Nixon might as well have said the grand jury must come down with an indictment.

The railroading of this decorated police officer is all the more disturbing against the unraveling narrative of the mob. It turns out from forensic evidence that Wilson did not shoot Brown in the back, as some oft-quoted witnesses claimed.

And police officials insist Brown was the aggressor during the stop, punching Wilson in the face and causing an injury that required hospitalization (Fox News is now reporting the officer suffered a shattered eye socket, among other head injuries). Most key, they say Brown then went for the officer’s gun during a struggle in his cruiser.

One credible eyewitness (as opposed to Brown’s robbery accomplice, Dorian Johnson, the media’s favorite witness) is recorded at the time saying he saw the 6-4, 292-pound Brown charge, not surrender to, Wilson when Wilson shot him.

By all credible accounts, it appears Wilson did not execute Brown “in cold blood”, but shot him in self defense in a justifiable, if tragic, homicide.

Nixon is the same person who relieved the local police of riot control in a political move that’s only led to more rioting and looting.

He replaced the white Ferguson police chief with an African-American state trooper, whose biased and sympathetic actions have encouraged the bad actors now plaguing Ferguson.

Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson has marched with some of the same militants who’ve incited the mob to kill Wilson. He’s raised the arm of racial arsonist Jesse Jackson in the air. He’s spoken at at least one Al Sharpton rally, where he apologized for police doing their job and glorified the gang culture that’s led so many young black men astray.

“When this is over, I’m going to go in my son’s room, my black son, who wears his pants sagging, wears his hat cocked to the side, has tattoos on his arms, but that’s my baby,” Johnson said. “And we all ought to be thanking the Browns for Michael, because Michael is going to make it better for our sons.”

His own son “deals with the same thing,” he claimed.

Ferguson’s mayor complained that Johnson ordered police to “stand down” in the face of looters. When his own “community” turned on him, the streets exploded into violence, with more businesses looted and innocent people shot.

Johnson’s hug-a-looter policy has failed. Now he’s removed curfew. He doesn’t want to enforce that, either.

It’s plain he’s too emotionally invested to defuse this powder keg, which could explode again if the grand jury doesn’t indict. Johnson should be relieved of that command for a more objective professional.

We’re not sure Wilson’s use of lethal force was right. But we do know that the governor putting his thumb on the scales and demanding political justice is not.