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Washington Is America's Greatest Threat Monday, 18 Aug 2014 08:11 AM

By Denis Kleinfeld

The political establishment of Washington, D.C., includes Congress, the president, the bureaucracy and the lobbyists.

It sees the public as docile fools to be duped at election time and looted at will. A criminal class that must be carefully controlled by all means. Washington is politically using a feudal system in the age of the Internet.

Polls consistently reflect that Congress is less valued to the voters than cockroaches are. The president, even to his supporters and defenders, is no longer trusted. The bureaucracies are viewed as bloated organizations, hostile to the public that supports them and unnecessary.

Lobbyists are parasites who live off this culture of corruption.

Congress asserts a right of unlimited power, blessed by the Supreme Court as the church blessed a king. Congress has little hesitation to control every aspect of life from before birth to after death. Their power of enforcement is based on the age-old ability to inflict terrible harm and violence on any who are deemed offenders. Those in power understand the usefulness of terror.

Lawyers and non-lawyers alike maintain out of tradition some amount of respect for the Supreme Court. Nonetheless, its stature is tarnished by the Court's inability to articulate in their decisions any clear principles that can be respected.

The Supreme Court follows the self-created rule of deference to the government instead of deference to constitutional personal liberties of the people. It is accepted that the Court's decisions are made on the basis of the Justices' personal politics and private agendas — flawed human beings who don black robes, but are still flawed.

It is all so terribly wrong.

The primary weapon of institutional enforcement is the income tax system. It is the most inefficient system that could possibly be devised for raising revenue to finance a government. Its complexity defies any comprehension. So-called tax experts disagree on what it means, how it should be applied or why we do not repeal it altogether. This nightmare of a tax system is maintained solely because it is the money machine that fuels re-elections, allowing the expansion of governmental power.

The government has more than a thousand federal agencies. Waste, fraud, abuse and outright theft of tax dollars are annually ignored by Congress and the administration. It is easier to just rubberstamp the unread spending bills.

The enacted budget for government's expenses vastly exceeds tax revenues. In fact, $4 of every $10 of expenditures, before supplemental spending bills, has to be borrowed. Interest on that debt is the fourth-largest expenditure after Medicare, Social Security and defense.

The government has no auditable books and records like those in the private sector must keep or go to jail. There is no recognizable financial statement. The government operates according to special rules that if used by private industry would land them behind bars.

Recently, 47 Inspectors General collectively claimed in a letter that the administration is stonewalling their respective investigations. The Government Accountability Office diplomatically prepares numerous reports of governmental operations, makes no specific accusations against anyone for consistent systemic failures and nobody in Congress acts on those reports.

Any form of Congressional oversight is a charade. The most intense of its investigations are acted out as if they are pseudo-reality shows that air season after season. There is no actual purpose other than to keep the advertising revenues — that is, the campaign contributions — coming in. Expect more investigations to be announced since more money will be needed for the upcoming election.

The United States is being undermined by its own government. Its weakness internally means it is perceived as feeble externally as well. There is not one country in the world, other than Israel, who is a true ally.

The continuation of the United States as a country based on personal liberty and a free-market economy is in jeopardy. Its greatest threat comes from its own government in Washington, D.C.