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Who We Are and What We Do

Our weekly radio show each Friday at 11:oo AM is our way of bringing you useful tax and business information. We encourage phone and email questions from all, but we especially encourage those who may not be financially in a position to seek professional advice to do so with the assurance of getting quality service and anonimity.

Timely comments on national or global events are presented with the intent of explaining the relevance to the local economy.

Guests appearances from various specialty experts are welcomed and respectfully welcomed to share our platform.

We don't take ourselves too seriously on air as we try very hard to inject humor, culture, and a heavy dose of opinions and comment. It is also very much our way chill out and sound off.

Money Matters

With over fifty years of consulting primarily to small businesses and thousands of tax returns for individuals, it became obvious that most people have had very little education and training about money and the management of their finances. A serious discussion of economics, the Fed, or investments appears to bring about utter confusion or worse yet, plain misinformation. This section of our web site is an attempt to provide some degree of understandable and factual information. See about DonB here.


It is a big effort to stay informed. Most people do not have the luxury of spending the time to do so. Within the Perspectives section of our web do our share on your behalf by presenting various articles and opinions of others. We take no position on the content. It is often opinion and they are both welcome and entitled to those opinions.


This is where we elaborate or disagree with Perspectives and present opinions of our own. Recognize that this is our opinion and we present it as such. Others may or may not agree, but it is our position and we stick to it and defend it if necessary.


The business side of what we do happens at TaxSaver consulting and accounting service. You will receive competent and experienced representation in business the usual consulting and accounting services which include periodic business reporting or representation with the IRS. Individuals are not neglected for tax preparation and we encourage discussions with previous years non-filers.

Be sure to ask us about our unique mentoring service. We know from experience that small business management has nobody to talk with about their day. An owner and an employee are of two different mindsets and they have nothing in common. We have a management mentality and we guarantee the modest subscription will not break the bank.